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Huon Valley PCYC Life Members
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Paul Harriss
Jimmy Bell
Megan Graham
Paul Harriss was approached in 2001 by Jimmy Bell (the only other founding member) to come on board and help with behind the scenes to get the PCYC up and running. Paul stuck alongside Jimmy and the PCYC the whole way through the process and opened doors that heavily contributed to the funding we were able to obtain. In addition to his 20-year contribution to the PCYC, Paul was also involved in many other local clubs around the Huon Valley. The time, effort, and love he has put into the Huon Valley Community is second to none. Paul was only too happy to provide advice, assistance and go into battle for what he believed in. We are eternally grateful for all he has done for the PCYC and miss his presence dearly. Paul passed away in 2022 and now has the multipurpose court named after him here at the PCYC.

Jimmy Bell started the PCYC in 2009, with the intent to help youth in the Huon Valley Community. Fundraising and planning started around 10 years prior. Jimmy has been a role model for youth and to this day people thank him for turning their lives around. Jimmy is heavily involved with the community and can be seen at The Huonville Men's Shed nowadays, or with his family. Our gym is named after Jimmy because he was responsible for obtaining all the equipment within the gym. Jimmy is always up for a chat and can generally answer any questions you have regarding the PCYC. 

Megan Graham has been a member on our Board for a number of years. The upstairs meeting room has now been named The Megan Graham Training Room as all Board meetings are generally in this room, and Megan is at every Board meeting. Megan became a life member of the PCYC in 2022 and plays a vital role in the community. She is always out and about doing what she can to help the Huon Valley Community and will always offer a helping hand when it is needed. Megan knows the ins and outs of the PCYC and has been the secretary for many years, and still continues to be involved with the PCYC. 
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