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strength, stamina, power


strength, speed, stamina


cardiovascular fitness


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personality shaping

Our Story

The PCYC movement commenced in Tasmania in 1946. Whilst the name we call ourselves and the language which we use to describe what we do has changed in that time, the reason for our existence has remained constant: to reduce crime by providing positive relationships between young people and police. That job could not be possible without the voluntary contribution to PCYC by members of the community.
Successful PCYCs will contain three elements:

  • young people who want to be involved in the club
  • strong community support
  • involvement from police officers

Latest News

  • Kids Night Out

    Kids Night Out was held for the last time for 2017.  A fun night was had by all the kids as we ventured outside and had fun with old fashioned games. There was egg and spoon races, three-legged races, tug-of-war and swinging donut grab.  A visit was made by Santa who arrived in a Police