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Judo is a great sport for all ages and particularly younger children. It offers social interactions and the ability to create great friendships. There is no striking or kicking in Judo.

All abilities are accepted in the class. Aiden takes Judo classes on Thursday nights from 6:00pm - 7:30pm.* There is no yearly registration fee for Judo, the classes are paid for as you go. This system allows participants to try the class without being locked into anything.

*The minimum age to participate in Judo is 5 years old.

Judo: Services & Programs

Aiden Hannay

Judo Instructor

Aiden’s desire is to keep Judo alive in the Huon Valley and he started Judo at the PCYC when he was 37 years of age. Aiden’s passion for the great sport has taught him discipline and life skills, with self defence only being one of those life skills.
He loves that Judo allows people of all ages to participate in something together, to express themselves and to gain confidence in situations that they normally may not be overly comfortable. Judo specifically teaches kids that they have no need to be scared due to their size or the size of others.

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