Yoga Alignment

With Sara Lunquist

Strong flowy yoga with a focus on proper form in each pose with micro adjustments to activate the right muscles groups. Improves your posture and body awareness and builds strength in the whole range of motion of each muscle & joint. Great counter balance practice for gym visitors. Strength which is built on top of misalignment will create a "prison" rather than a functional instrument as a body. This practice will improve alignment throughout your body and also your awareness & kinetic feedback.

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Sara Lundquist

Yoga Instructor

Sara hopes to implement a focus of alignment, form, posture and breathing within in all forms of exercise as a part of developing awareness. 

Hoping for the PCYC to become a central point of the Huon Valley for health and movement, and making it a nice place to be, with a good vibe. Doing so in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way and in conjunction with locals and local business. 

10 years experience in different yoga practices, natural movement, elementary conditioning & alignment training. Catering for retreats Experience in facilitating Women's groups & childminding.


  • International Personal Trainer Certificate

  • Yoga Teacher Certificate