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Huonville Bike Collective

Every Tuesday and Wednesday, participants from Huonville High School come to the PCYC to participate in the Huon Valley Bike Collective (based on the principles of the successful Risdon Vale Bike Collective which has been operating for 15 years).

This program provides mentoring for young people and gives them the opportunity to learn the skills of restoring pushbikes and in the process “earn” their own bike.

The Directors of Huon Valley Financial Services Lts, the Management of the Huon Valley Community Bank branches, Huonville High School and Edmund Rice Camps are all supporters of the program.

​Anthony Davidson is the program manager, Anthony has been involved with the Bike Collective with Kevin, the previous Program manager for a couple of years and brings with him a wealth of experience well suited to the role of Program Director.

If you are interested in volunteering for the program please get in touch via the below contact methods.

Anthony Davidson

Program Director

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