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Gentle Yoga

With Claire Heywood

I teach inclusive, simple and gentle yoga classes that are suitable for most adults. My style of teaching is light-hearted; my classes relaxed and fun. I teach intuitively and creatively, drawing from a broad range of content and experience.

No two classes are the same as they unfold organically in response to what we find and what is appropriate on any given day. We gather together, we check in, and then we start… We work slowly and safely to address our wellness on all levels – emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. And, did I mention that we have fun? 🙂

Gentle Yoga: Services & Programs

Claire Heywood

Gentle Yoga Instructor

Claire has been teaching yoga for over 20 years.  With time she has developed special skills and interest in working with the needs of older adults.

In 2020 she formalised this interest by completing a 50 hour Chair Yoga Teaching Certificate.

Underpinning her teaching is her lifelong passion for working through the physical realm; an interest that ignited through dance as a child, led her to an early career as a dancer and performer, and continues developing to this day through the art of yoga.

She founded SunYoga in 2002, her yoga teaching practise in Melbourne’s inner west, which she operated until 2019, when she sold the business and moved to the Huon Valley.

Her teaching history includes teaching healthy ageing classes for the City of Moonee Valley for 18 years, teaching yoga retreats over a 9 year period in rural Victoria, Queensland and Bali, as well as providing yoga services to government agencies, corporate organisations and schools.

Claire has been teaching her unique yoga and exercise classes for over 20 years.  Her relaxed classes are suitable for all adults, and over time she has developed special skills in working with the needs of older adults. 

As well as teaching general yoga classes for adults, Claire also teaches retreats, and provides yoga services to government, not-for-profit agencies and corporate organisations.

Gentle Yoga: Meet the Team
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