Muay Thai

With Shane and James

Muay thai is the form of martial arts which began in Thailand more than 2000 years ago. Now it is popularly known as ‘thai boxing’ all over the world. Muaythai is the art of fighting without the use of any weapon.

Thai boxing can be differentiated from the general form of boxing, as it includes the use of hands, elbow, feet and the knee. It’s not only an art of fighting; it is also a form of science, with discipline, knowledge and respect.

Thai boxing is an art which needs to be practiced with proper training. It not only keeps you body in good form and proper shape; it improves your blood circulation and builds up your nervous system. Regular practice enhances the flexibility of the body, which means better use of the bones, muscles, and the tendons in bending and moving the body.

If you are interested in trying Muay Thai, contact Shane: 0458 242 429


Shane Woolley

Muay Thai Instructor

Shane has trained and instructed Muay Thai and MMA for many years. 

Shane is respected amongst the HVMMA community and enjoys training/teaching alongside his son.


James Woolley

Muay Thai Instructor

James has trained since 2014 and has competed in MMA & Mauy Thai.

James enjoys making friendships through the sport, helping people to set goals and improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition to this, James enjoys working alongside his father in all training aspects and they are both very highly respected amongst the HVMMA community.